About Ruben Millor

Ruben as been working as a licensed Massage Therapist since 1986. He was a competitive cyclist for 20 years. He started cycling in 1984. In 1985 he moved to Italy to pursue a professional cycling career. He was a Category 2 amateur cyclist until 2000. Ruben is familiar with the everyday training of athletes and worked closely with strength and conditioning guru Mike Boyle.
More recently Ruben took up mountaineering and has climbed in Wyoming's Teton Range and New Hampshire's White Mountains

Ruben utilizes his background as an elite athlete when he helps others. He has an intimate understanding of body mechanics and uses this to determine the cause, and treat physical dysfunction.

Ruben is the proud father of Alessandro, his sixteen year old son.

Ruben is a member of the American Massage Association, and is a licensed Massage Therapist in Massachusetts.

updated: 11 years ago