“It's been a couple weeks so I am not sure if you remember but I came in a panic with a bum knee -  I was worried about my training and running again because the Boston Marathon was only weeks away. You worked with my hip and quad to try to loosen everything up.
Well, after barely running since March 7th, I was able to shave 15 minutes off my PR and run a 3:13 marathon!!! I hope you know how huge of a difference your work made. It let me continue my aqua jogging, keep up my fitness, and be ready for this race. Because of you, I achieved my huge goals I set for myself.

I will certainly continue to spread the word about you and your work. But I definitely at least wanted to let you know how it all turned out. You should celebrate as much as I am, because you played a huge part in getting me to that finish line in one piece. Basically, you rule.

Erin Stephens

“Ruben is my hero.  Every time I break myself, he fixes me!  I trust him with my life!”

Catherine Infantino

“"I consider myself an expert on elite sports therapists, having
seen and worked with a great deal of the country's "elite"
therapists. I consider Ruben to be the best therapist of any
classification, be it chiropractor, PT or massage therapist, I
have worked with. His talent lies in understanding a complete
picture of how the body works in different planes of motion.
Ruben is able to address systemic problems that are at
the root of one's pain . The guy is amazing"”

Tom McArdle-6-Time All-American, Nike Elite Athlete.

“your back-fixing skills are unparalleled.”

Sue Parsons
rock climber extrodinaire

“Ruben Millor runs Big Hands Massage in Davis Square. He used to be the
MT for the Bruins and a number of collegiate teams; currently he does a
lot of work with runners, rowers, and cyclists. He is incredibly
personable and his massages fix all your nagging problems.
I Couldn't recommend him more highly.”

Karin Turer